Pediatric Urology at Garden State Urology, a partner of Atlantic Health System, specializes in treating genitourinary issues, from those requiring surgical intervention to dysfunctional voiding. Our 3 Urologists and 2 Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are board-certified and exclusively practice pediatric urology. Our main office is located in Morristown, NJ, with a satellite office in Summit, NJ.

Bedwetting Q&A

Bedwetting is developmentally normal and occurs in about 15% of children below the age of 8. It is also common for children who have stopped wetting the bed to start again. It is important to assess each child individually and provide appropriate support.

Children develop bladder control at different rates. While most children achieve nighttime dryness by the age of 8, bedwetting can persist beyond this age for some children. It is important to asses each child individually and provide appropriate support.

We treat children of all ages, but have limited specialized treatment options for children below 8 years old. We recommend having an appointment with your child’s PCP prior to contacting our office. The treatment options your PCP will be able to provide are no different than what our providers would recommend for this age group.

Our nurse practitioners specialize in treating all types of voiding dysfunction and are our office’s first contact for these issues. They work closely with our physicians and will escalate any issue to the doctor as needed.

Each child is assess individually by our providers and treatment can vary based on each child’s unique profile. It may take only a month or two, to sometimes much longer.