Specialized Clinics

Garden State Urology is committed to making sure our patients receive the best care possible. We have created several specialized clinics and staffed these clinics with field experts to ensure our patients get the personalized care and attention they need. Please read below for some more information on our GSU Specialized Clinics.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

Garden State Urology (GSU) has developed a program specializing in care and treatment of men with advanced prostate cancer (APC), run by Dr. David Taylor, the Director of GSU’s Advanced Prostate Cancer Program. The physicians, nurse practitioners and staff are champions in the care of men with prostate cancer and are assisted by specialized nurses and medical assistants.

Once referred by your Urologist, you will meet with one of our Advanced Prostate Cancer Doctors. The APC team will follow you specifically for the care of your prostate cancer.

Advanced Prostate Cancer is a very complex disease with many different treatment options. We provide patients with access to leading-edge treatments, expert care and effective options that are customized to every patient and reviewed regularly. 

GSU remains committed to excellence in the fields of medical technology. The College of American Pathologists recognize GSU as a medical leader by naming GSU a CAP accredited facility. 


To further help our patients, GSU has an internal ACHC accredited dispensary where we dispense oral Prostate Cancer medications. Our staff will take care of all the necessary paperwork and explore all payment options to make sure our patients get their medication with the least amount of out-of-pocket costs (depending on insurance).

Men's Health

At Garden State Urology (GSU), we know that facing men health issues can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and overwhelming. As an integrated practice, GSU has developed a program specializing in care and treatment of erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease, and low testosterone. The physicians, nurse practitioner and staff are champions in the care of men’s health. We provide patients with access to leading- edge treatments, expert care and effective options that are customized to every patient and reviewed regularly.

Women's Health

GSU has many providers who specialize in women’s health. We work closely with our patients to diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of pelvic disorders. Our clinic offers a wide variety of treatments for pelvic and urinary disorders in women of all ages. Our doctors work with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan that will always be coupled with up-to-date research and technology.

With over 15 years of experience and over 20 specialized services, we’re able to treat a variety of conditions with both surgeries and in-office procedures.

Sexual Wellness Center

Many people, both men and women, suffer from problems related to their sexual wellness but do not feel comfortable discussing these issues with a medical professional. The GSU Sexual Wellness Center was developed to provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your concerns. We offer a variety of treatments for both men and women all with little to no downtime. Many of our services are voluntary treatments and are therefore not covered under insurance.

For men, we offer a few services to help with erectile dysfunction, enhanced sensation, and more. Our sexual wellness specialist will meet with you during a complementary consultation to discuss your concerns and determine your severity. From there, a treatment plan will be designed to fit your health and lifestyle. Our team follows you throughout the duration of your treatment and will refer you back to our Men’s clinic after your treatment is complete. We also offer solutions for men suffering from urinary incontinence.

For women, we offer several services to help with menopausal symptoms, general sexual satisfaction, tightening of the vaginal walls, low sex drive, urinary incontinence and more. All services and procedures are minimally invasive and done in the office with little to no downtime. Speak with your GSU urologist for more information.

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